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The ankle block is an effective regional anesthesia technique for surgery of the foot and toes. Note: it does not provide anesthesia of the ankle. Quick, potentially very effective and less risky than other regional techniques, this is a good one to know. I spent some time on YouTube, watching various ankle block videos. Here's my top 4.


As I've written before, NYSORA is a fantastic resource for regional anesthesia. Here is the page about ankle blocks. 


(1) Andre Boezaart

4/5 Stars


Very clinically relevant
Reviews indications and common pitfalls
Clear and direct narration
Underscores importance of blocking all 5 nerves due to overlapping nerve territories
Color-coded review of nerve territories



Cross-sectional anatomy diagram could be higher resolution as it small and hard to read


Bottomline: Excellent resource for learning anatomy and technique, especially nerve-stimulator.


(2) Dr. Weatherby

3.5/5 Stars


Review of equipment
Clear narration with good audio
Discusses reasons for local anesthetic selection
Injection technique well-captured by video
Discussion of anatomy would benefit from diagram
Bottomline: Best for watching injection technique.



4.5/5 Stars


Reviews indications
Reviews anatomy well, including cutaneous innervation
Great use of ultrasound and overlay
Not much
Bottomline: Excellent demonstration of ultrasound for ankle block. Clear presentation of anatomy. My favorite video.


(4) UCSF

4/5 Stars


Reviews anatomy
Presents clear, helpful diagrams
Measured, clear presentation
A little slow
Could benefit from more narration during long pauses
Bottomline: Felt a little slow, but a thorough review of anatomy and injection technique.


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